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An estimated four million animals are euthanized each year in the United States alone.

Help control the unwanted pet population. Spay or nueter your pet.

Along with the obvious benefit of controlling the unwanted pet population in your community, spay and neuter services provide benefits both physically and mentally for your pet, as well as yourself.

With both male and female dogs and cats, alteration eliminates sexual drive which in turn eliminates sexual discomfort, distress and distraction which make them happier and more content Many undesireable behaviors are associated with an animals sex drive. Spaying or neutering your animal can leave you with a pet with better behavior and manners. In the case of cats, both males and females will excessively urinate when their sex drive is strongest, females to attract a mate while in heat with a strong-smelling urine, the males performing territorial marking, often including the inside of the house. This is usually eliminated or greatly reduced if they are spayed or neutered.

Help control the unwanted pet population. Spay or nueter your pet.

Spaying your animal can help eliminate or reduce the risk of problems with their reproductive system in the future. Studies show spaying your animal before their first heat will prevent uterine infections and greatly reduces their risk for breast cancer. It will also reduce their urge to roam.

For the males, early neutering (before 6 months) can prevent testicular cancer, and reduce aggressive tendencies, as some of these are related to their sex drive. Altered males are more focused on their families and human counterparts, reducing their urge to roam and their urge to fight.

Use our listings in THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE to locate spay and nueter services in your area. The procedures can be performed by a veterinarian, animal hospital, a spay and neuter clinic, or even a reduced cost mobile clinic. Some clinics and mobile clinics may charge a reduced free or none at all for those who qualify.

Spay or neuter your animal to do your part to lower the unwanted pet population in your community.

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