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Once no more than a common street cat, the SIBERIAN FOREST CAT gained favor with the monks as he stood guard over their monasteries. Today, he is the national cat of Russia and has a following worldwide.

Siberian Forest cat and kitten breeders and sales
Not much is known about the earliest history of THE SIBERIAN FOREST CAT. Also known as the SIBERIAN CAT, or simply the SIBERIAN, his breed was so common as the native cat of Russia and his Siberian homeland that efforts to make him a pedigreed breed didn't happen until after the end of the Cold War in the 1980's. Although historic writings weren't written until about 1000 years ago, the SIBERIAN CAT is believed to have originated long before then. Roaming semi-feral throughout Russia and Siberia, he has, however, been the topic of much folklore and legend. For centuries the people of Russia were not allowed to keep or feed pets due to a shortage of food, and folklore tells of him taking refuge in the monasteries. He not only became a favored companion to the monks, he was rumored to have been the guardian of the monasteries, patrolling the exquisite architecture from the open beamed rafters and warning the inhabitants of intruders. Through the years he roamed the streets of the villages and towns and he could be found strolling the marketplaces and was often kept by shopkeepers to help control vermin. Secret "cat shows" were held by shop owners, holding their cats high, comparing his size and build to others around. His first appearance in England is documented in the early 1700's but it wasn't until the early 1900's that he was introduced to the United States by a HIMALAYAN breeder, who traded two of her cats, which were an unknown breed at that time in Russia. The SIBERIAN FOREST CAT has enjoyed increasing popularity and affection in the States ever since. He is still considered a rare breed outside Russia, as worldwide, many have not seen or been introduced to the impressive SIBERIAN FOREST CAT. He has now garnered the title of the national cat of Russia, and he is one of the three recognized breeds of FOREST CATS, the other two being the NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT, with whom he is closely related, and the MAINE COON.

Siberian Forest cat and kitten breeders and sales The build and unique coat of the SIBERIAN CAT developed not from selective breeding as with most breeds, but is simply the product of surviving for thousands of years in the extreme and harsh elements of his homeland. He possesses a medium-long triple coat which exhibits all three of the natural types of feline fur; guard hairs, awn hairs and down, and he is believed to be ancestral to all modern long-haired breeds. His coat colors can be almost any feline variation, though some solid colors are rare, namely black, white and blue. He is thought to be hypo-allergenic, but though some research supports this, he is not fully recognized as a hypo-allergenic breed. That being said, many people who have allergies to cat fur and dander do not have reactions in his presence. He has a strong, solid build and along with his powerful and muscular hindquarters he is an agile jumper as well as extremely athletic and quick. He has a somewhat long body along with a wide, barrel chest making his general appearance much stockier and more powerful than other cats. Females generally weigh in about 8-13 pounds with their male counterparts weighing between 10-17 pounds, some larger. He is a slow breed to mature, taking up to five years to reach full maturity.

Often described as having a well-rounded personality, the SIBERIAN FOREST CAT is adaptable to a variety of activity levels he may be faced with. Typically an energetic and active feline, he enjoys interaction and play, but he can also be just as happy in a quiet, more subdued household as well. An affectionate creature, he enjoys the company and interaction of his human counterparts, thriving on attention and will greet his humans at the door when they arrive home. He is a social feline and will demand his share of attention and affection. Although not loud, he tends to vocalize and comunicate often and enjoys a good conversation. He enjoys a good game of fetch and actually enjoys water, preferring to drink out of a faucet and may sometimes join in a shower or bath.

Treasured and admired by only a few, he was ignored for centuries in his native homeland and considered ordinary. Today, he has become a popular and much sought after companion for many worldwide. A playful, affectionate and unique creature, he is a loyal and magnificent companion. The subject of legend and folklore throughout his past, the SIBERIAN FOREST CAT is sure to continue to spark the adoration and respect of others for many years to come, a worthy and devoted friend, indeed.

"An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than any five-year-old."
--Carl Van Vechten

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