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A gaited horse, the TENNESSEE WALKER is known for his smooth, sure-footed ride as a trail horse. He is an intelligent breed and is also well suited to a variety of disciplines and does quite well as a competitive partner.

Tennessee Walker, horse breeders and sales
Another relatively new breed, the TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE, also known as the TENNESSEE WALKER is a unique and beautiful equine developed in central Tennessee in the late 1700's. NARRAGANSETT PACER and the CANADIAN PACER were combined to produce a horse the plantation owners found to be a comfortable all-day ride over the variety of terrains on their lands. During the American Civil War, bloodlines from the CONFEDERATE PACER and UNION TROTTER were introduced to add stamina and refinement to the new breed of gaited horse. The breed became incredibly popular as people began to favor his smooth gait and stamina, and farmers were impressed with his hardiness and work ethic. Even after the advent of the automobile, the TENNESSEE WALKER remained a preferred mode of transportation in the region because of the poor qualities of the roads found in the area. Farmers frequently held match races with the animal, using the same horses they used to plow the fields. Later, THOROUGHBRED, STANDARDBRED, MORGAN and AMERICAN SADDLEBRED rounded out his breeding and produced the horse we know today. As time progressed, he began to be recognized as something of a showy equine and breeders began to focus their attentions on his refinement, intelligence and qualities for the ring. In 1935 a registry was formed, but in 1947 the studbook was closed and today both parents must be registered in order for the offspring to be considered for registration.

Tennessee Walker, horse breeders and sales The TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE is an intelligent breed, with a calm, easy going demeanor and is typically an easy equine to train. He performs well in the ring in English and Western disciplines but he is best known as a pleasure and trail horse, his smooth gait and sure-footedness garnering him a much deserved reputation as a comfortable and competent partner. He is best known for his ambling gaits. The running walk, the most famous, produces speeds between 6 and 12 miles per hour, and he also has the flat walk, and a gentle, "rocking horse" canter. He is a beautiful horse, ranging from 15 to 17 hands in height and weighing in anywhere from 900 to 1100 pounds. He has a long neck and generally short back with a large head, expressive eyes and small ears. His most common colors include black, chestnut, sorrel, and bay, but he may also be champagne, pinto or roan. He possesses an elegant, long and lush mane and tail, typically shown unbraided in the ring. Not a common horse in the show ring, the TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE has a celebration of the breed in the town of Shelbyville, Tennessee which promotes itself as the "WALKING HORSE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD", hosting the TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE NATIONAL CELEBRATION, an annual ten-day exhibition that attracts more than 30,000 breeders, exhibitors and spectators from all across the United States.

An able competitor in the ring, the TENNESSEE WALKER is best known for his competence, dependability and heart on the trail. For those looking for a comfortable partner on the trail, he is perhaps the finest choice, indeed. With his calm demeanor and easy-going personality, he is an excellent horse for a beginning rider as well as possessing the capabilities for an advanced equestrian as well. Cherished for years for his smooth gait and comfortable ride, he is a willing partner and a joy to ride.
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