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The FELL PONY is a willing breed, eager to please and easy to train. He is sure-footed equine, well suited for pleasure or competitive riding, an impressive equine riders of any ability would be pleased with.

Fell Pony The modern FELL PONY originated in Roman times between England and Scotland around Cumbria, the old counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, from ponies in the area believed to have roamed there since prehistoric times. Today's FELL PONY is thought to be a cross of the war stallions and Celtic ponies of the time. The FELL PONY shares much of his origins with the now-extinct GALLOWAY PONY which was also the root of the DALES PONY, a neighboring breed in the region. Used as a packhorse, the smaller ponies helped in the mines carrying copper and iron ore, as well as lead and slate and the larger ponies brought the spoils to the smelters and finally to the ships for distribution. An all-round worker, he was also used on the farm and to carry lighter goods to and from the towns and villages. Bred as a working pony, his strength, stamina and intelligence allows his survival in the harsh elements of his homeland, where he still roams as a semi-feral pony to this day. In 1918 a society was established "to keep pure the old breed of pony that has roamed the northern hills for years", and preserve the future of many British native breeds. Today, the number of FELL PONIES continues to grow and the FELL PONY SOCIETY'S patron is Queen Elizabeth II.

Fell Pony He possesses a sturdy body with strong legs and legends speak of his speed and endurance. Early in his history his predominant coloring was bay and brown, but over time, primarily into the 20th century this has changed with black being the more common color, followed by brown, bay, and grey. The FELL PONY is a willing breed, eager to learn and please. He is widely used today for pleasure and competitive riding, endurance riding and driving. As a trail mount he is sure-footed and seems to have a sense to guide himself safely in areas and situations that may intimidate other horses. He possesses a fast walk with any easy pace, making him a comfortable ride for most riders. He is a lively and alert creature with a steady temperament. Well suited for a family, he is small enough for a child with some experience not be intimidated as with a larger horse, yet stout and strong, allowing him to carry larger adults.

Rich in history, the FELL PONY has helped conquer nations and build civilizations. Today, he is still in favor with royalty, being used by the royal family for riding and driving. With his willing spirit, incredible stamina and excellence in the ring, his popularity and fame has spread. He is an impressive equine anyone would feel proud to ride, drive or own.
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"Small children are convinced that ponies deserve to see the inside of the
house." --Maya Patel

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